Why kent?


Incorporated in 2004, Kent Technology provides customized outsourcing solutions focused on three core areas of capability: contact center solutions, integrated marketing services and knowledge process outsourcing. The company combines expertise in these areas to improve revenue, customer service and operating margin for our prestigious clients.

Our company is built on the strong edifice of Trust, Integrity and Governance, which are reflected and demonstrated through our performance. A wealth of experience means that our solutions are always in demand, and our service in all areas and markets goes from strength to strength.

As a trusted advisor, Kent Technology is well positioned for accelerated success in the global outsourcing industry, through its multinational footprint; its capabilities in multiple industry verticals; its culturally diverse and knowledgeable workforce; and its ability to deliver best-in-class solutions.

We provide 100% resolution of our clients outsourcing requirements which is a validation of our capabilities and the trust that companies have displayed in us. We have seamlessly moved several business processes to India, including projects that needed significant system integration.

Home to the largest educated English-speaking graduates in technical, marketing, engineering, and medical fields in the world.

Compared to American call centers, outsourcing with Kent Technology Pvt Ltd would save you at least 60% in operational expenses.

Kent Technology Pvt Ltd helps you attain a more predictable cost structure that closely matches your revenue stream and cash flow, allowing you to focus on your core business.