Our customer lifecycle management services focus on the management of our customers lifecycle and help our clients increase revenue, expand margins, improve working capital management, increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and help improve overall competitive differentiation.

  •  Pre-Sales Support
  •  Post-Sales Account Coverage
  •  Shipping/Delivery Inquiries
  •  Insurance Claims Handling
  •  Warranty Entitlement
 Customer Care Origination Order Management
Customer Queries Application Entry Document Generation
Inbound Phones Credit Worthiness Booking
General Servicing Analyst  Underwriting Funding
Asset Management Buy-out and Upgrades Target Company Profile Field Service Billing
Billing Disputes and Queries Cash Flow Modelling Parts Billing
Tax Administration/Filling Risk Audit Acquisition Strategies
Underwriting  – Fraud Prevention
Mortgage Services  – Pricing
Asset Management Buy-out and Upgrades  – MIS and Reporting