Kent Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a highly focused Market Research firm with decades of Consumer and Business research domain specific experience. Our people have the required experience in Market Research and understand every detail of this domain right from data collection to reporting. We do not employ part time interviewers like most companies do and focus on professionalism from an experiences voice. Our experience allows our interviewers to eliminate response bias at every step. Our researchers are career oriented Market Research professionals and they do not need a helping hand with understanding the Objective of the survey. They focus on one thing: Results. Because they understand what it is worth!


We receive the Objective brief, survey draft, call script and the lead list. The first step is to review the Objective and make specific notes based on the study conducted. We then review the Survey Draft, to uncover the finer details of the requirement – logic pattern and the flow of the questions. This helps us in clearly identifying and putting together the customized process and measurement systems that ensures excellent results.

The next step is to identify the right resources (specific domain expertise is an advantage) and allocate the suitable infrastructure as required to generate optimum results. In the meantime, our technology team puts together the CATI interface for the interviewers to being what is called the “Soft Launch”. The soft launch is used to ensure the People, process and technologies are in sync, as well as give the team an opportunity to analyze the reliability of the results. This is done by calling a sample of the population. The result of the Soft launch leads to understanding the reliability of the system as well as gives the client a second chance to make any necessary corrections to the Survey if necessary.


Apart from the State of the Art infrastructure facilities and multiple communication and security channels and facilities ensuring uninterrupted service, our customized CATI platform helps us stand out. We do not use expensive Software that only contributes to increasing your costs with no contribution to ensuing results. Our CATI technology gives you just the right solution for your specific needs with a focus on the Research objective and the best results – reliable and consistent. Technology is just a facilitator and for us technology just does that. It is our people that make us stand out and give superior performance and results.

All other standard Call center facilities such as predictive dialers, call monitoring and storage systems are available with our standard package. All Voice Files are uploaded to your FTP for further data validation on your end.

We are not a Software company. We are facilitated by the use of the “just the right” technology.