Kent Technologyhas worked with clients in the insurance industry and over the years gained a good perspective of the challenges faced by the industry. Our processes deliver end-to-end solutions to all stakeholders – the insured, insurance company, agent, broker and the banking interface.

It has executed a large number of projects spanning the entire insurance value chain with our different product offerings.

We deliver comprehensive services through an integrated global IT and process delivery platform leveraging our ability to manage business processes as well as the underlying technology infrastructure.

Our track record for performing large scale and complex transactions underscores our commitment to provide world-class service through continuous process improvements in a cost-effective manner.
Our focus on quality allows us to streamline processes and to reduce turnaround time costs, thereby increasing productivity, customer centricity and profitability for our clients.

Today, Kent Technology has the right solutions for business success with services that help organizations maximize that success through a combination of process expertise, methodologies, tools and technology.

Our Offerings:-

New Business Acquisition Policy Maintenance Claims Processing Knowledge Services
Inbound/Outbound Sales Record Changes First Notification of Loss Medical Summaries
Initial Set-up Audits Policy holder & Broker Claim Services Medical Summaries
Case Management Accounts Receivables Claims Set-Up Communication Accounting
Underwriting Risk Assessment Accounting & Reconciliation Eligibility Data Mining
Premium Collections Claims overpayment Duplications Analytics
Policy Issuance Customer service Validation Reserves
Endowment & Renewals Adjudication
–  Dividends Maturity & Surrenders
–  Post Settlement